Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Initiating Competition Stance

The state competition is this Saturday, and we've made quite a bit of progress. When we were putting the finishing touches on the robot we realized that it was too long to fit in the 18x18 inch standard for all the robots and finally met the standard for our robot. Mr. Halley built an 18x18 inch box for it to fit in in order to fit the standard, and that definitely helped us reach our goal. We had to refashion the handle that latches onto the top bar of the mountain to make the length of the robot shorter.

We also completed the scoring mechanism after quite a bit of work, and lessened the amount of surgical tubing in it so that the servo that controls it wouldn't be under so much pressure. We gave it a test run, and it worked pretty well, so we decided to try and attach it to the robot itself. We connected it to the extending arm, and we extended it out, and it seemed to work great, despite making the robot a little top-heavy. So, yay! We finally finished it.

Finally, we just tested the robot to see if the plow would work well, and that, too, also seems to work nicely. No more debris will get under the wheels of our robot. :) So, in the remaining days that we have, we're going to pack and ready ourselves for the state competition, and hope that we do well.

Until then, wish us luck!